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What is a dixter garden trowel?

What is a dixter garden trowel?

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Dixter/rockery garden trowel A dixter garden trowel has a long thin blade with a rounded end.
Great dixter It gets its name from the Great Dixter estate in East Sussex, which was the home of British gardening author Christopher Lloyd, who invented this type of trowel.
Rockery A dixter garden trowel can also be known as a rockery trowel due to its use in rock gardens. The long thin blade is strong enough to be hit by a hammer to go into rocky soil in order to plant flowers.
Dandelion with long roots It is used for digging deep holes around the long root weeds, for example a dandelion, to extract the whole plant during weeding.
Planting seeds into a trench with a dixter garden trowel The length of the dixter garden trowel enables the user to sow seeds. This is achieved by placing the tip of the blade into the surface of the soil. The seeds are then placed onto the blade so that they can be sown in a straight line.

What sizes of dixter garden trowel are available?

Dixter garden trowel lengths 342.9mm and 393.7mm The length ranges from 342.9mm (13.5″) to 393.7mm (15.5″). A longer trowel is useful for digging thin deep holes around long-rooted plants, like dandelions, in order to dig them up.
Width and length of a dixter garden trowel blade 38.1mm x215.9mm and 41.3mm x 158mm The width of the blade ranges from 38.1mm (1.5″) to 41.3mm (1.6″).

The blade length is the distance between the top of the tang and the tip of the blade. It can range from 158.8mm (6.3″) to 215.9mm (8.5″).

Close up of an alpine plant in a rockery A narrower blade works better in a rockery garden than a thick one as it will be able to fit into small spaces in between stones in when planting.
Weight - uneven weighing scales The weight ranges from 198.5g (7oz) to 255.2g (9oz). A light dixter garden trowel will be more beneficial for use over a long period of time as it will not strain your wrist.

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