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How to use a garden trowel to dig a hole for a plant

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To use a garden trowel you will need to follow these steps:
Placing tip of a garden trowel blade into the soil

Step 1 – Place tip in soil

Place the sharpened tip of the blade into the soil.

Placing the garden trowel blade into the soil

Step 2 – Place pressure on handle

Whilst holding the handle, push the blade into the ground until the bottom of the tang is touching the soil.

Placing pressure on a garden trowel handle to lever out soil

Step 3 – Lever handle

Next press down on the top end of the handle to lever the blade and the soil out of the ground.

Lifting soil out of hole with garden trowel

Step 4 – Lift garden trowel

Lift the garden trowel, by the handle, out of the ground and place the soil in a pile next to the hole. Repeat steps one to four until a hole of the right size has been made.