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What is a planting garden trowel?

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Planting garden trowel blade with a labelled pointed tip A planting garden trowel has a flat blade with a pointed tip. It is the garden trowel most similar to a builder’s trowel.
Heart shaped planting garden trowel The planting garden trowel’s blade is sometimes described as heart-shaped.
Plants in a small space in between wooden boards It is very useful for planting flowers in hard soils due to its pointed tip. The blade is smaller than other garden trowels, which makes it suitable for use in confined spaces, such as in hanging baskets.
Archaeologist using a planting garden trowel on a dig A planting garden trowel can also be used to dig out stones, which makes it useful as an archaeologist’s trowel.

What sizes of planting garden trowel are available?

Length of a planting garden trowel 215.9mm and 317.5mm The length of a planting garden trowel blade can range from 215.9mm (8.5″) to 317.5mm (12.5″). The longer it is, the more leverage a user will have when digging in hard soil.
Planting garden trowel blade size 44.5x63.5mm and 114.3x152.4mm The width of the blade ranges from 44.5mm (1.8″) to 114.3mm (4.5″).

The blade length can range from 63.5mm (2.5″) to 152.4mm (6″).

Plants in a small space in between wooden boards A smaller blade allows you to dig in small, tight spaces, such as in between plants in a plant pot.
Weight - uneven weighing scales The weight of a planting garden trowel can range from 113.4g (4oz) to 311.8g (11oz).

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