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What are the different types of garden trowel handle?

What are the different types of garden trowel handle?

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There are four different forms of garden trowel handle available for different garden users: standard, long, p-grip, and ergonomic.

Standard garden trowel handle

Garden trowel handle A standard handle is the least expensive style available and can be found on all varieties of garden trowel. It is short and rounded for added comfort.

It can be made from plastic, wood or rubber. For more information, see What are garden trowel handles made of?

Long garden trowel handle

Long handled potting garden trowel A long garden trowel handle is over 160mm (6.3″) long. It is used for hard-to-reach areas for weeding or planting seedlings with long roots. It also has a ‘bulb’ design on the end of the handle to prevent the user’s hands from slipping.

It is only available for traditional and transplanting garden trowel blades.

P-grip garden trowel handle

P-grip handle garden trowel A p-grip garden trowel handle is 177.8mm (7″) with a T-section on the end. It can be used with either one or two hands, making it perfect for people suffering from arthritis and carpal tunnel. This handle provides added leverage and torque for the user to push it into the ground.

It is only available with a traditional garden trowel blade.

Ergonomic garden trowel handle

Ergonomic garden trowel handle An ergonomic handle has a radius grip – a curved handle which is designed to fit the palm of your hand. It allows the user to maintain a natural wrist position while they are digging. This means that there is less strain on your wrist.

It is available with either a transplanting or traditional garden trowel blade.

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