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What is a tissot garden trowel?


What is a tissot garden trowel?

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  Tissot garden trowel blade  

The tissot garden trowel was invented by the Dutch trowel manufacturer Sneeboer and has a wide flat blade with a large ‘v’ section on the end. The design was inspired by, and named after, Gabrielle Tissot, who wrote to the company after using their transplanting spade.

  Transplanting spade and tissot trowel  

She informed them of a need for a smaller version of the spade for use in garden borders whilst working on her knees.

  A plant which needs dividing  

The sharpened “V” section allows the two cutting edges to divide a plant into two halves which can then be planted separately.

  Clay soil  

It can also be used for transplanting and digging holes in hard soil such as clay.


What sizes of tissot garden trowel are available?

  Tissot garden trowel length 330.2mm  

There is only one size of tissot garden trowel available with an overall length of 330.2mm (13″) and a weight of 255.2g (9oz).

  Tissot garden trowel blade size width 88.9mm and length 165.1mm  

The blade is 88.9mm (3.5″) wide and 165.1mm (6.5″) long.


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