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What are the parts of a garden trowel?

What are the parts of a garden trowel?

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Parts of a garden trowel: ferrule connection, head, handle, tang, hanging hole


Garden trowel head The garden trowel blade is the main working area. The blade has a sharpened edge which allows it to cut into soil or through roots. A garden trowel blade is large enough to hold a small amount of soil or compost.
Types of garden trowel: traditional, transplanting, dixter, ladle, potting, digging, tulip, weeding, tissot, planting Garden trowel blades can come in various shapes and sizes. For more information, see What are the different types of garden trowel blade?


Garden trowel handle A garden trowel handle is the part the user holds. It is used to work the blade by providing leverage when digging a hole in tough soil.
Wonkee Donkee says "Garden trowels can come with various types of handle. For more information, see What are the different types of garden trowel handle?"

Ferrule connection

Garden trowel ferrule connection A ferrule connection is a piece of metal which is clamped around the tang and the handle to protect the connection between the two.

For more information on how a tang is attached to the handle see How are garden trowels manufactured?

Hanging hole

Garden trowel hanging hole A small hole is drilled into the end of some garden trowel handles so that the tool can be hung on a hook. A piece of string or a leather strip can be threaded through to aid hanging onto a larger hook.


Garden trowel tang A tang is a rounded bar that is often made into an “S” shape welded onto the blade to connect it to the handle. It increases durability by creating a stronger connection between the trowel handle and the trowel blade.
Planting bulbs with a garden trowel with a gap made by the tang The distance created by the tang, in between the handle and the blade, provides sufficient space between the soil and the users knuckles, preventing them from getting dirty or scraping on stones.
Ladle garden trowel tang A ladle garden trowel has an extra long tang for ease of scooping out dirt with the blade.

For more information on a ladle garden trowel, see What is a ladle garden trowel?

Depth gauge

Depth gauge on a transplanting garden trowel Some garden trowels have a depth gauge which is a series of measurements along the length of the blade with marked increments stating the distance. The depth gauge has two types of gradation: metric, ranging from 2cm to 10cm, and imperial, ranging from 1″ to 4″, one each side of the gauge.
Planting bulbs with a garden trowel using a depth gauge A depth gauge helps you to plant at the right depth, for example bulbs which need to be a certain depth below the surface level.

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