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What is a potting garden trowel?

What is a potting garden trowel?

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Potting garden trowel A potting garden trowel has a wide blade with high, curved edges for holding soil and compost.
Potting plants It is used for potting plants into plant pots. The curved edges of the blade match the curved sides of a plant pot, making it easier for the blade to fit into the pot.
Left and right handed potting garden trowels A potting garden trowel is available with a specific blade for right- and left-handed users – the handle is positioned on the side of the blade to make it easier for the different users to scoop the greatest amount of soil or compost.

What sizes of potting garden trowel are available?

Length of a potting garden trowel 226.7mm There is only one length available and that is 266.7mm (10.5″).
Standard potting garden trowel blade size 101.6mm x 127mm The blade size of a standard potting garden trowel is 101.6mm (4″) wide and 127mm (5″) long.
Left handed potting garden trowel blade size 63.5mm x 114.3mm The blade size of a left/right handed potting garden trowel is 63.5mm (2.5″) wide and 114.3mm (4.5″) long.
Weight - uneven weighing scales The weight ranges from 198.5g (7oz) to 255.2g (9oz). The heavier a potting garden trowel is, the more strain it will place on your wrist.

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