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A brief history of garden trowels

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The scaptula of an ox - neolithic digging tool A variation of the garden trowel has been around since the neolithic age, around 10,000 years ago, when people used the shoulder blades of large animals, like an ox, to remove rocks and soil. They also produced a small, sharp stone blade set into a bone handle which was used for the domestication of plants.
Bronze age smelting of metals During the bronze age people created the process of smelting. This is where raw materials, such as tin and copper, were separated from their ores and made into bronze, enabling people to create sharper and harder tools for farming.
17th century gardening tools However, during the mid-seventeenth century the interest in gardening around the world exploded. This led to gardeners increasing the demand for specialised gardening tools, such as the garden trowel.
Tissot garden trowel Since the seventeenth century the garden trowel has evolved from a form of small spade into its own unique tool with a range of different varieties, from a tissot garden trowel to a potting garden trowel.

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