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What is a ladle garden trowel?

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Ladle garden trowel A ladle garden trowel has a very long tang and a small rounded blade with curved edges, which give it the appearance of a ladle. It has these features to help it to dig round holes.
Flower bulb The holes it produces can be between 50.8mm (2″) to 101.6mm (4″), in diameter. This is particularly useful for planting annuals and bulbs.

What sizes of ladle garden trowel are available?

Dimensions of a ladle garden trowel 304.8mm, 76.2mm and 76.2mm A ladle garden trowel is only available in one size, with an overall length of 304.8mm (12″), a blade length of 76.2mm (3″) and a width of 76.2mm (3″). It weighs 226.8g (8oz).

How to use a ladle garden trowel

A ladle garden trowel is used differently to other garden trowels: it is rotated around in the soil, rather than used to lever the soil out of the hole.

Begin by placing the tip of the blade into the ground. Next, hold onto the side of the blade and turn it in a clockwise direction, using the handle for help.

When it has been turned 360 degrees, lift the blade with the soil out of the newly created hole.
Wonkee Donkee says " Repeat this process until the right size of hole for your task has been obtained."

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