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What is a transplanting garden trowel?

What is a transplanting garden trowel?

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Transplanting garden trowel A transplanting garden trowel is very similar to a traditional garden trowel in appearance. However, it has a narrower blade.
Transplanting a seedling It is used for transplanting seedlings, bulbs, and small plants. Transplanting is where a plant is moved from one location to another, for example from a greenhouse and into the garden.
Greenhouse It helps to protect young plants from any pests or frost in the greenhouse until they are old enough to withstand them. Transplanting also increases the growing period of some plants by keeping them safe indoors and then moving them when they are ready.
Wonkee Donkee says "For more information see, How to use a garden trowel to transplant a seedling."
narrow flowerbed The narrow blade enables it to be used in tight spaces, such as narrow flower beds, to plant seeds and bulbs.

What transplanting garden trowel sizes are available?

Transplant garden trowel lengths 292mm and 350mm The length ranges from 292mm (11.5″) to 350mm (13.8″). A longer transplanting garden trowel is useful for digging narrow deep holes for bulbs which need to be buried deeper, such as alliums.
Transplanting garden trowel blade size 50x152.4mm and 66x177.8mm The width of the blade can range from 50mm (2″) to 66mm (2.6″).

The blade length is the length of the blade from the top of the tang: it can range from 152.4mm (6″) to 177.8mm (7″).

Seedling in a pot A smaller blade will be able to handle small seedlings more easily than a large one. This is because seedlings are quite delicate and with a small blade it’s easier to move them without causing damage
Weight - uneven weighing scales The weight of a transplanting garden trowel ranges from 100g (3.5oz) to 255.2g (9oz). A lighter trowel will be more beneficial for use over a long period of time as it will not strain your wrist.

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