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What is a digging garden trowel?

What is a digging garden trowel?

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Digging garden trowel A digging garden trowel has a thin blade with a pointed end, in the shape of a dagger. The pointed end allows it to lever small stones out of the garden.
Unbalanced weighing scales Its main role is to dig holes for plants as it is heavier than the other varieties to withstand greater leverage for digging.
Hori hori knife It can also be used to cut items, such as a compost bag, due to its sharpened tip. A digging garden trowel is very similar to a hori hori knife – for more information see Are there any alternatives to a garden trowel?

What sizes of digging garden trowel are available?

Digging garden trowel size 254mm long and 50.8mm wide There is currently only one size available and it has an overall length of 254mm (10″) and a width of 50.8mm (2″).
Unbalanced weighing scales A digging garden trowel weighs 538.6g (1lb 3oz), which makes it heavy in comparison to the other varieties.

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