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How to use a garden trowel to remove a long rooted plant?

How to use a garden trowel to remove a long-rooted plant

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Forked end on a weeding garden trowel Long-rooted plants, such as dandelions, need to have all of their roots removed to prevent regrowth. To remove the roots you will need to use a weeding garden trowel.

For more information, see What is a weeding garden trowel?

holding a dandelion stem and leaves to show the base

Step 1 – Hold plant

Begin by holding the plant’s stem and leaves in your non-dominant hand. This will reveal the base of the plant for you to place your weeding garden trowel.

Step 2 – Place trowel parallel to plant

Place the forked tip of the trowel into the ground parallel to the root of the plant. Then push it about 100mm (4″) into the ground.

Step 3 – Loosen the root

Next push the trowel until it is at a 30 degree angle from ground level to loosen the earth around the root.

Dandelion with roots intact after being pulled out of the ground

Step 4 – Remove plant

Pull the plant slowly upwards whilst moving it backwards and forwards to loosen it further.

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