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What is a garden trowel used for?

What is a garden trowel used for?

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There are many ways to use a garden trowel. Here are a few examples:
Transplanting a seedling A transplanting garden trowel can be used for moving a plant from one location to another, for example from a greenhouse and into the garden. This helps to protect young plants from any pests or frost in the greenhouse until they are old enough to withstand them.

For more information, see How to use a garden trowel to transplant a seedling

Potting plants with a garden trowel The curved sides on a garden trowel blade allow it to hold compost for planting flowers into pots, otherwise known as potting.
Dandelion with long roots Garden trowels such as the tulip and weeding types have sharpened teeth which allow them to cut through long roots. This makes it easier to clear out a hole for a new plant to be planted into.
Removing weeds with a trowel Weeding garden trowels are used to remove weeds from a garden without causing too much damage to any surrounding plants. This is due to their blades having a forked end which allows them to dig to the base of a weed and pull it out by its roots.

For more information, see How to use a garden trowel to remove a long rooted plant

Metal detector sweeping a beach Garden trowels are used by metal detectorists to dig up their finds whilst they are out detecting. The garden trowel is small enough for them to carry around all day without getting in the way.

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