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What is a go-no-go feeler gauge?

What is a Go NoGo feeler gauge?

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Wonkee Donkee GoNoGo Feeler Gauge A Go NoGo feeler gauge is a tool which can be used in a similar way to a regular feeler gauge.

Go NoGo feeler gauges designed to take out the individuals interpretation (or ‘feel’) that is required when deciding whether the leaf selected fits the gap appropriately.


Go NoGo Advantages There is less need for interpretation as the tip and body system leave a set fixed value, eliminating the need to ‘feel’ for tightness or looseness.

Go NoGo feeler gauges are typically no more expensive than regular feeler gauges.

They can be quicker to use since less time is required shuffling through adding and removing leaves to measure the gap.


Disadvantages of Go NoGo Feeler Gauges The Go NoGo gauge may not provide a high enough degree of accuracy in some situations.

Some users prefer and trust their own judgement with a regular feeler gauge as opposed to the Go NoGo feeler gauge.

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