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How do you set distributor points with a feeler gauge?

How to set distributor points with
a feeler gauge

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Checking distributor points with feeler gauges

Step 1 – Insert feeler gauge

Insert the feeler gauge between the two contact points.

Checking the gap of distributor contact points with feeler gauges

Step 2 – Set air gap

The air gap between the contact point and stationary contact point should be set so that the voltage is able to jump across when the points align.

See the manufacturer’s recommendations for actual air gap size.

Distributor rubbing block and cam lobe position

Step 3 – Set rubbing block

The rubbing block should be set at the high point (resting on a corner) of one of the distributor cam lobes before measuring.

Adjusting the points in a ditributor

Step 4 – Use gauge to measure new gap

To adjust, move the stationary point out by tightening (not too tight) or loosening the holding screw.

Use your feeler gauge to measure the newly set distributor point gap.

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