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Are there alternatives to using a feeler gauge?

Are there any alternatives to feeler gauges?

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1cm gap Your choice of tool will depend on the width of the gap you are measuring and the level of precision required.

To measure a gap over 25mm wide

Tape Measure Measuring tape is most commonly used to measure distances over 25mm. Distances less than this can be measured but with limited accuracy. The lowest given unit in metric tapes is usually 1mm.Steel rules will give better accuracy than a tape measure and are commonly available in 1000mm, 300mm and 150mm lengths. The lowest given unit on metric steel rules is usually 0.5mm, and sometimes 0.25mm.
Caliper Vernier Callipers may be used but most are suited to internal distances of 5mm to 300mm. Some external calipers can measure above this though.Callipers usually have two sets of jaws to enable measurement of internal and external distances. The smaller jaws for measuring internal distances, can be inserted into a gap and then locked before removing to read off the size.

The tool is limited to distances wide enough for the jaws to fit in. Callipers can measure down to 0.01mm (0.001 inch).

To measure gaps under 5mm wide

Feeler gauge Below 5mm, feeler gauges of varying thickness are best suited for accurate measuring. They are suitable for applications in awkward positions and give measurements down to to 0.01mm (0.001 inch).

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