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How do you use a go-no-go feeler gauge?

How to use a Go NoGo feeler gauge

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Go NoGo Feeler Gauge in use The Go NoGo feeler gauge works by incorporating a design which differentiates between a thinner tip and a thicker body.

The tip is able to ‘Go’ into the space and the thicker body stops ‘NoGo’.

Go NoGo feeler gauge showing blade measurements Each leaf has an upper and lower value, typically 0.002″ (0.05mm) apart. The thickness of the tip and body are both inscribed on the tool.

If the thinner tip fits and the thicker body does not then the measurement falls between the two stated values.

How to create a 0.20mm (0.008″) valve gap using a Go NoGo feeler gauge

Go NoGo feeler gauge in use If you want to make a valve gap 0.20mm (0.008″) then you would select a gauge with a 0.18mm (0.007″) tip and a 0.23mm (0.009″) body.

The 0.23mm body should not be able to fit in the gap, whilst the 0.18mm tip should fit.

Go NoGo gauge in use This leaves you with a middle value, which you know is less than  0.23mm (0.009″) and more than 0.18mm (0.007″).

The clearance description is approximately 0.20mm (0.008″).

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