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How do you check bearing clearances with a feeler gauge?

How to check bearing clearances with a feeler gauge?

Step 1 – Insert feeler gauge

Firstly rotate the inner or outer ring a few times, making sure that both bearing rings and the roller are aligned with respect to each other.


Insert the feeler gauge as shown, between bearings and casing.

Step 2 – Move blade back and forth

Move the blade back and forth until it can be inserted to the middle of the roller.


Check the bearing clearance against specification before mounting.

Step 3 – Take another measurement

Take another feeler gauge measurement after mounting the bearing onto the shaft. There may be variances between the two measurements.

Step 4 – Take additional readings

To find the ‘true’ bearing clearance, take a further 3 feeler gauge readings at locations: a (9 o’clock), b (3 o’clock) and c (12 o’clock) as shown.

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