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What are the parts of a feeler gauge?

 What are the parts of a feeler gauge?

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Image of feeler gauge showing the tempered steel blades with size inscribed, case, locking device.

The feeler gauge case

Feeler Gauge Case The case is used simply to protect the leaves when the tool is not in use and for compact storage.

It can be made from either plastic or steel.

The feeler gauge locking device

Feeler Gauge Locking Device A locking device may permit individual leaves to be removed for singular use in restrictive areas.

You may also wish to replace a leaf if it becomes damaged.

Feeler gauge leaves or blades

Feeler gauge fanned open to show feeler blades or feeler leaves The thin strips of metal are known as leaves or blades.

Why is there an inscribed measurement on each of a feeler gauge’s metal strips?

Feeler gauge blades showing inscribed measurements The inscribed measurement refers to the thickness of the blade in millimetres or inches.

Blade sizes follow on from one another so they can be easily combined when the gap falls between set values.

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