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How do you replace a damaged feeler gauge leaf?

How to replace a damaged feeler
gauge leaf

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Detached Leaves Depending on the specification of the feeler gauge a locking device may permit individual leaves to be removed for single use or replacement.
Locking device A leaf can only be replaced if a feeler gauge has an unscrewable locking device, a feature associated with high end gauges.
Turn locking screw anti-clockwise Simply unscrew the nut, removing old leaves by lifting them from the central notch.

Add new leaves as required, making sure the leaves are replaced in the correct size order.

Replacement blades You should only use replacement leaves specified for your gauge model (identifiable by brand or model number).

If leaves are not compatible the set will not reassemble correctly.

Turn locking device clockwise to tighten Re-tightening the screw sufficiently to allow blades to fold away and stay in place.

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