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What is a Gauge?

What is a gauge?

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Wonkee Donkee Feeler gauge, radius gauge, wire gauge Gauges are precise measuring devices that provide a description of qualities such as thickness, length and diameter. Gauges are often used with trial and error to estimate or determine various aspects of an object.

What are gauges used for?

Measuring the pitch of a thread using a screw pitch gauge Each gauge is purpose built for a specific application.

However, they are all designed to be used as a quick reference guide, often to check properties such as an objects size.

Stainless steel wire gauge for measuring wire diameter and sheet thicknesses Gauges are made from a multitude of materials, usually those that are hard wearing for durability.

Various forms of tool steel, stainless steel and carbon steel are the most common.

Range of Telescoping Gauges Gauges come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The majority of gauges are particularly useful when measuring very small distances down to a hundredth (0.01mm) of a milimeter or a thousandth (0.001″) of an Inch.

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