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Photo of radius gauge, feeler gauge, wire gauge, surface gauge and telescopic gauges
The most common types of measuring gauge include:

  • Feeler gauges
  • Radius gauges
  • Screw pitch gauges
  • Wire gauges
  • Surface gauges
  • Telescopic gauges

Feeler gauges

Feeler Gauge set

Feeler gauges are hand-held tools used to measure small clearances (gaps), often between two mechanical parts.

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Radius gauges

Radius Gauge set Radius gauges are used to measure concave and convex angles on existing products or during production.

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Screw pitch gauges

Screw Pitch Gauge Screw pitch gauges are used to identify a type of screw by the number of pitches over a set distance.

Wire gauges

Wire Gauge Wire gauges are used to determine the thickness of wire and sheet metal.

Surface gauges

Surface Gauge Surface gauges are placed on flat surfaces and used to precisely draw or scribe lines on various materials such as wood or steel.

Telescopic gauges

Telescopic Gauge Telescopic gauges are used to measure the width of bore holes.

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