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What are straight leaves?

 What are straight leaves?

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Feeler gauges Straight leaf Straight leaves may also be referred to as parallel leaves. The sides are parallel all the way from the locking screw to the tip.

The leaves have smooth rounded edges for comfort and safety when handling.


Wonkee Donkee Straight Edge Feeler Gauge Straight leaves are used to verify a wider clearance between surfaces which should be parallel.

For this reason, machinists and engineers often choose to use straight leaf gauges.

Feeler gauge straight blade diagram - curved surface will not slide over a straight blade easily because of the consistent width - the distance between the two surfaces is unaffected A straight blade design ensures, whilst measuring a clearance, that parts do not slide over the top of the gauge.

The consistent width prevents parts from sliding off the sides of the gauge.

Therefore, the surfaces do not get closer at the tool’s edges. (Straight gauges are useful for setting wide parallel clearances).


Straight feeler gauge diagram - feeler gauge bridges wear gap between rocker and valve stem Straight leaves are sometimes too wide to fit precisely between parts, for example, between the rocker and the valve stem.

The measurement taken would be incorrect as it is equal to the feeler gauge plus wear depression. A tapered feeler gauge should be used for this measurement.

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