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What level of torque should I select?

What level of torque should I select?

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Torque control on a cordless drill driver There is no easy answer to ‘what level of torque should you select?’, as different amounts of torque are needed for different tasks.

The level of torque you need will depend on a number of things:

Screw diameter and length

Length and diameter of three different types of screws Driving in a screw with a larger shank diameter and longer length will require more torque than a shorter, thinner one.

Type of material

Sheet of silver metal and a piece of hardwood Drilling or driving into tough materials such as metals and hardwoods will require more torque than materials such as softwoods or plastics.

Whether or not you are drilling a pilot hole

Drilling a pilot hole with a screw ready to be driven in If you drill a pilot hole first, then less torque will be required when you come to actually drive in a screw or use a larger drill bit.
Wonkee Donkee says " If you are unsure of what level of torque to use, start on a lower number, and increase the torque if you need to"

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