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What cordless drill driver accessories
are available?

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Detachable bit holders

Silver and black detachable bit holder Bit holders can be used to extend the reach or alter the angle of your cordless drill driver. They can fit straight into the chuck of your tool, or into the end of another bit holder and are most commonly used to hold screwdriver bits.

These accessories come in all shapes and sizes so ensure you select one that fits your tool’s chuck.

Screwdriver bits

Bronze small screwdriver bit and a large gold screwdriver bit A screwdriver bit connects with the screw to insert or remove it. Screwdriver bits comes in a variety of shapes and size depending on the type of screw or material you’re working with. The screwdriver bit is held in place by the chuck.

For more information, see our section: Screwdriver bits

Drill bits

Two Silver and black drill bits A drill bit is used to drill holes and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the material you are drilling or the size of the hole you want to drill. Ensure you select the correct one to suit your needs. Like a screwdriver bit, a drill bit fits into the drill driver’s chuck.