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What is the LED light?

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LED light on a yellow cordless drill driver Most cordless drill drivers have one or more built-in LED lights for working in poorly-lit spaces (e.g. under the stairs, in cupboards etc.) On the left is an example of a cordless drill driver with an LED light.
Red 5mm LED light LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is simply a small white or coloured light source.

LED lights come in many different shapes and sizes, but 5mm (3/16” approx.) is the size (left) that would usually be used on a power tool such as a cordless drill driver.

Using the LED light on a cordless drill driver in the dark Because they are small and compact, LED lightbulbs are perfect for use on power tools such as cordless drill drivers.

Where is the LED light?

LED light on a yellow cordless drill driver How many LED lights a cordless drill driver has and where they are located will depend on the make and model.

Usually, the LED light will be positioned underneath the tool’s chuck.

LED light on the base of a cordless drill driver But some are positioned at the base of the tool just above the battery.