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What is a right angle design?

What is a right angle design?

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Two cordless right angle drill drivers one red and one green Some cordless drill drivers have a right angle design for working in awkward or confined spaces. The chuck turns in exactly the same way, but the body of the drill driver is much slimmer for working in areas that have limited space.

Advantages of the right-angle design

A right angle cordless drill driver being used in a awkward gap

The shape

The design of a right-angle drill driver makes it ideal for working in awkward or confined spaces.

Some regular cordless drill drivers can be uncomfortable to use in tight spaces such as under the sink or between wall joists. As a result, the right-angle models are very popular with electricians and plumbers.

Same features as a cordless drill driver: speed control trigger, keyless chuck, and a gear switch

They have most of the same features as regular cordless drills

Cordless drill drivers with right angle designs are available with most of the features of a normal cordless drill. These include: multiple gears, a three-jawed keyless chuck and electric brake.

Disadvantages of the right-angle design

Pile of gold coins

The price

Right-angle cordless drills can be almost twice as expensive as a normal cordless ones.

Torque control ring on a cordless drill driver

No torque control

WONKEE DONKEE has yet to find a cordless right-angle drill that has torque control.

Torque control is a feature found on almost all cordless drill drivers, which allows the user to control the amount of torque being delivered when driving screws. This is done using an adjustable torque control ring.

It seems that this feature is currently not available on right-angle cordless drill drivers.

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