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How to charge a detachable battery

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Orange and black charger for a cordless drill driver In order to charge the battery, you need a charger. Most chargers have a slot designed to hold the detachable battery while it charges.
Yellow charger for a cordless drill driver Some cordless drill drivers come with a charger included. However, if you have to purchase one, make sure you choose the correct charger for your battery.
Grey 7.2 and 24 volt charger for a cordless drill driver It’s very important that you purchase a charger which is designed to charge your particular brand and voltage of battery.

This information should be printed on the charger and the drill driver’s battery.

Wonkee Donkee says "For example, using a 18 volt charger to charge a 10.8 volt battery or using a DeWALT charger for a Makita battery could potentially damage both the battery and the charger"