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How to insert drill or screwdriver bits?

How you insert and remove bits will vary depending on the make and model of your cordless drill driver. One method is shown below:

Step 1 – Release speed control trigger

Release the speed control trigger and let the drill driver come to a complete stop.

Step 2 – Push forward/reverse button

Push the forward/reverse button into the central position. This locks the tool in the OFF position and allows you to adjust the chuck without the risk of injury.

Step 3 – Hold base of chuck

Hold the base of the chuck in one hand to steady the drill. With the other hand, turn the chuck’s collar in an anti-clockwise direction. The chucks jaws should open.

Step 4 – Insert drill or screwdriver bit

Once the chuck’s jaws have opened wide enough, you can insert a drill or screwdriver bit.

Step 5 – Turn chuck collar clockwise

Once the drill or screwdriver bit is in place, turn the chuck’s collar in a clockwise direction until the jaws are clamped firmly around the bit, holding it securely.

Step 6 – Push the forward/release button

Push the forward/reverse button into the forward position to begin working.