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What are the benefits of having torque control?

What are the benefits of having torque control?

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Helps prevent damage to screw heads

Damaged screw head If enough resistance is met, the screw will not be able to turn any further into the material. However, the screwdriver bit will continue to try and turn the screw and could damage or deform the screw’s drive by turning on top of it.

If the correct torque level is selected, the screwdriver bit will stop turning when enough resistance is met, and prevent this happening.

Helps stop screws being driven too far in

A screw driven too deep into a piece of wood Too much torque will drive the screw below the surface of the work, rather than to the correct depth.

Helps protect your work piece

Cordless drill driver which has slipped whilst driving a screw into wood and then damaged the surface If too much torque is delivered at one time, the cordless screwdriver can slip out of the screw head and damage the surrounding work surface.

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