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How to switch between gears on a
cordless drill driver

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Cordless drill drivers with more than one gear will have a gear selector switch that allows you to change between different gears.
Hand holding a cordless drill driver with the finger off the speed control trigger

Step 1 – Release trigger

Release the speed control trigger and allow the cordless drill driver to come to a complete stop.

Gear selector switch on a yellow cordless drill driver

Step 2 – Locate gear selector switch

Locate the gear selector switch. This is usually found on the top of the cordless drill driver.

Gear selector switch viewed from above

Step 3 – Slide gear selector switch

Slide the gear selector switch until the number of the gear you require is displayed.

Finger holding the trigger of a yellow cordless drill driver

Step 4 – Squeeze trigger

Squeeze the speed control trigger when you are ready to begin working.