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What does the motor do?

What does the motor do?

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Cordless drill driver motor Inside every cordless drill driver is an electric motor.
Cordless drill with exposed interior with red arrows showing the direction of the electrical current The rechargeable battery’s electrical current is transmitted to the motor through the speed control trigger.

The motor converts the battery’s electrical current into the mechanical power needed to turn the bit.


18 volt cordless drill driver The power a motor delivers is measured in watts, and is a combination of torque and speed.

A motor with a higher wattage can convert the battery’s power into torque and speed more efficiently. This usually means that a higher wattage tool can produce higher levels of torque at higher speeds.

Two cordless drill drivers one green and the other red Please note: Motor wattage is a fairly new way of measuring the power of cordless drill drivers and so most manufacturers do not have this information to hand.

If this information is provided, it’s a good way of comparing several different models. Generally, a 100 watt motor or higher will allow you to work with tougher materials and larger screws at higher speeds.

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