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How to choose the right battery capacity?

How to choose the right battery capacity

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Man laying decking with the use of a cordless drill driver Quite simply, for more time-consuming projects (such as laying decking), where you will be relying on your cordless drill driver to run for longer between charges, WONKEE DONKEE recommends that you select a battery with a higher amp hour rating (or consider purchasing a spare battery to use in the tool while one is charging).
Construction workers laying out plans on a building site Batteries with larger capacities are often used by workers in the construction industry, who don’t want their tools to be out of use during the workday.
Hinge on a wooden cupboard If you only want to use your cordless drill driver for less time-consuming tasks (such as fitting hinges to cupboards), or if it doesn’t matter how often you have to recharge the battery, then select one with a lower amp hour rating so you are not paying for something you don’t need.

Battery capacity summary

yellow and black 10.8 volt spare cordless drill driver battery with a red circle around the 1.5 AH symbol A battery with a higher Ah rating has a larger capacity and will run for longer between charges compared to a smaller capacity battery doing the same task.
Pile of gold coins However, a tool with a larger battery capacity is likely to be more expensive.

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