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What is torque?

What is torque?

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Red compact cordless drill driver drilling into a sheet of metal Torque is the turning force delivered by the cordless drill driver; it is needed to insert and remove screws as well as drill holes.

More demanding tasks (e.g. working with tougher materials or larger screws) will require higher levels of torque.

Let’s talk the torque

Yellow cordless drill driver Every cordless drill driver can produce torque, but some can produce more than others.

Torque is measured in Newton Metres. The maximum amount of torque a tool can deliver will be presented as a number followed by ‘Nm’. The higher the number, the higher the torque.

Blue cordless screwdriver For cordless drill drivers, torque ranges from 14 Nm up to 60 Nm. To put this in perspective, the average cordless screwdriver can produce around 10 Nm.

Higher voltage, more torque?

Gear box inside a cordless drill driver Usually, the higher the cordless drill driver’s voltage, the higher the torque, but this is not always the case. Some lower voltage drills can deliver more torque than higher voltage ones.

How much torque a tool can deliver is largely down to the way the gear system is designed.

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