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What is drill mode?

What is drill mode?

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Zoomed in picture of the drill mode symbol on a cordless drill driver When you want to drill holes, you must put the cordless drill driver into ‘drill mode’. This is done by rotating the adjustable torque ring until the drill symbol is aligned with the arrow.
Green right angled cordless drill driver with no torque control In drill mode, the cordless drill driver will automatically produce its maximum level of torque. This is because drilling holes requires a lot of power, and so you don’t need to control the amount of torque, as you would when driving screws.

Please note: If your drill driver does not have a torque ring, it will always be in ‘drill mode’

Wonkee Donkee says "Remember When you want to use the tool to insert of remove screws, use the numbered torque ring. If you drive screws in drill mode, the tool may strip a screw head or damage the work surface"

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