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What is a support prop used for?

What is a support prop used for?

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support props supporting beams of a house roof There are four different types of prop.

The type of prop being used depends on what work is being undertaken.

Adjustable lightweight support props

adjustable lightweight support prop Adjustable lightweight support props are used for lightweight support jobs, such as supporting drywall and plasterboard sheets.

Push pull props

Push pull prop Push pull props are used in large scale building construction, supporting both vertical and horizontal weights.

Steel adjustable props

Acrow prop Steel adjustable props (acrow props) are used as ceiling supports or as part of scaffolding to support heavy horizontal weights.

Trench struts

trench strut Trench struts are used to support the walls of a trench, preventing them from caving in.

Other uses for props

Steel adjustable support prop and masonry support holding up a lintel during repair With attachments, a prop can also be used to repair a lintel.

A lintel is a load-bearing support needed over windows, doors and sometimes inside the home, to distribute weight.

Support prop being used to hold open a car bonnet Support props can also be used in more unconventional ways such as holding open a car bonnet or as an aid to standing in the home.

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