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What is a Support Prop?

What is a support prop?

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acrow support prop, half extended A support prop is a device that sustains weight temporarily during construction or repair work.
Adjustable support prop, with plastic coating They are extendable so they can be adjusted to the height required.
2 adjustable support props supporting drywall ceiling panel A support prop acts as an extra pair of hands when a ceiling or wall needs to be supported whilst work is being done.

Support props can be useful in wall repair or removal, lintel repair and many other projects.

Labelled steel and adjustable support props There are two main types of supports: reinforced adjustable steel props (used in large scale construction) and temporary support props (used for small scale projects and repairs as they cannot hold as much weight).

What is a support prop made of?

Labelled feet / plates of steel adjustable support props Lightweight support props have a steel inner and outer tube, normally within a plastic shell, and two rubber feet for grip.

Adjustable steel props are completely steel, with both steel tubes and steel feet.

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