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How to remove or replace a lintel?

  How to replace or remove a lintel

broken lintel in old building Over time, lintels (load-bearing supports) can crack or expand and will need to be replaced. To do this, support props need to be used to hold the weight above the lintel whilst it is being replaced.
replacing lintel step - create slits for props in mortar above broken lintel

Step 1 – Cut into mortar

First, cut into the mortar between bricks above the lintel. Here your props with masonry supports can be inserted.

Place the props on the ground, extend to the correct height and secure by placing the pin through the collar.

replacing lintel step 3- inserting strongboys attached to steel adjustable props in the mortar slits

Step 2 – Insert props and masonry supports

Hammer the back of the masonry support until it is about two thirds of the way through the brickwork.

Make sure the props are fully secure by checking they are not at all loose.

replacing lintel step 4 - remove bricks around lintel to be replaced

Step 3 – Remove bricks

Remove the bricks around the lintel, and remove any excess mortar.

replacing lintel step 5 - replace the lintel with new lintel, props are still inserted holding up above bricks

Step 4 – Remove and replace lintel

Next, the lintel can be removed and replaced.

replacing lintel step 6- replace the bricks around new lintel

Step 5 – Replace bricks

Replace and refill the bricks around the new lintel making sure to go further than the lintel at the sides to confirm it is secure.

replacing lintel step 7- once the mortar is dry remove the strongboys

Step 6 – Leave 24 hours

Leave 24 hours for the mortar to dry, then remove the props and masonry attachments, finally repairing the slits made for them.

Wonkee Donkee says use this method to replace windows and doors too!

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