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How to use support props to support a trench?

How to use support props
to support a trench

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Trench being built using trench struts to support trench walls Trenches are a crucial part of construction work; they are used for placing pipe or telephone lines, digging building foundations, installing valves or for most underground construction work.
Trench struts in use in a trench supporting walls Trench walls have a stand-up time. This is how long the walls will stay upright before they cave in. Stand-up time can vary from a few seconds to several months.
Trench strut used in trench To allow work to be carried out safely, trench struts are used to support the walls.

The walls of the trench are reinforced by wooden or steel panels and these are then held in place by horizontal trench struts.

installing trench strut to support trench walls The trench strut is opened to the length needed and the pin inserted into the collar to fix it in place. The ends of the trench struts are then either nailed in, if working with wooden panels, or screwed in if using steel panels. This stops the trench walls collapsing whilst work is being done.

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