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How to use support props when putting up drywall?

How to use support props when
putting up drywall

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Drywall walls

Prop holding up drywall sheet Once you have measured and cut your drywall sheet to size you can fix it to the wall. If working alone this can be difficult. Adjustable lightweight support props can be used to secure the sheet in place so it can then be screwed in.
Adjustable support props holding up a drywall sheet on a wall Place the bottom of the prop on the floor and use the handle to adjust the height until it fits snugly between the floor and the drywall sheet. You do not want the prop pushing too hard on the sheet in case it damages it.

Once screwed into place with drywall screws, the prop can be taken down.

Drywall ceilings

Props holding up drywall ceiling panels Putting up a drywall ceiling is another difficult task if you are working alone. Adjustable lightweight support props can be used here to hold the ceiling panel in place whilst it is being screwed in.

Adjust the props using the lever until they hold the drywall sheet in place; this may still require two people.

Slanting ceiling in a small room Adjustable lightweight support props can be adjusted to different ceiling heights, which is particularly effective if you have a slanting ceiling. The feet are moveable so can be turned to the angle of the slanting ceiling. The prop can then be raised or lowered slightly using the lever as you move down the ceiling.
panel hoist lift holding a drywall panel being hoisted up

Panel hoist lifts

Despite using a number of support props, it can still be difficult to do this alone as you do not want to bend and snap the drywall sheet.

Another option is to use the specially designed panel hoist lift which is easy to use alone. It lifts the drywall sheet into place using a lever, where it can then be fixed in placed.

deadman braces used to hold up a drywall ceiling panel

Wooden props

Wooden props are often used when fixing a drywall ceiling, however they are a fixed height and therefore the adjustable lightweight support prop may be more practical.

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