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What is an adjustable lightweight support prop?

What is an adjustable lightweight
support prop?

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Prop plate on lightweight adjustable support prop An adjustable lightweight support prop has rotating plates which allows it to support both vertical and horizontal loads. The feet are rubber so as not to damage the lightweight material they might be supporting, such as drywall.
two adjustable support props These types of supports are not designed to hold large weights like the supports used in large scale construction. Instead, they are designed as a temporary support to hold ceilings or walls in place whilst small scale repairs etc. are completed.

They have a thinner construction and a plastic coating making them more lightweight compared to the reinforced steel props.

What applications are they suited to?

support prop holding up drywall ceiling panel Adjustable lightweight support props are often used in the installation of drywall and plasterboard as they can hold the boards in place whilst they are being secured.
support prop as standing aid next to a toilet There are many other uses for these lightweight props, for example they can be fitted in the home to act as an aid to standing.

What sizes do they come in?

Support prop sizes; Unextended 1600mm (62") and extended 2900mm (114") Adjustable lightweight support props come in sizes of 1 – 1.6m (39-62″ approx.) unextended and 2.9m (114″ approx.) extended.
kilograms and pounds When used vertically, these props have a maximum working load of 60kg (132lb)

When used at a 45 degree angle, these props have a maximum working load of 20kg (44lb)

Wonkee Donkee says some prop weights may vary so check the specifications of your prop

What are the advantages?

adjustable lightweight support prop
  • The flexible head is useful for both vertical and horizontal loads
  • Swivelling feet can accommodate uneven surfaces and improve grip
  • One-handed operations are made easier
  • These props are less time-consuming to extend
  • They are relatively thin and lightweight making them easy to store

Similar devices

There are similar products to the adjustable support prop which are designed for certain tasks.
panel hoist lift holding a drywall panel

Panel hoist lifts

The panel hoist lift is a device specially made for aiding the installation of drywall and plasterboard ceiling panels.

It has a lever which when turned raises the hoist with the ceiling panel in place; the panel is then held it place whilst it is secured. The panel hoist lift is particularly useful if working alone.

Two people holding up a drywall ceiling panel with two wooden prop or deadman braces

Wooden props

Wooden props, or deadman braces, can be used to support ceiling boards before fixing in place. They are much more basic than adjustable support props, less secure and have a fixed height.

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