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How to use support props in removing a wall?

How to use support props in removing a wall

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Removing a wall

man knocking a wall supporting beam down with a mallet If removing a wall, for whatever reason, it is first important to determine whether the wall is a supporting wall or a load bearing wall. The best way to be certain about this is to call in a contractor to look for you. If your wall to be removed is a load bearing wall you may want to rethink your project. Removing a load bearing wall is a difficult task and should only be undertaken by a professional or a very experienced DIYer.
  Wonkee Donkee says any mistakes when removing a load bearing wall could collapse your house!

Removing a load bearing wall

Load bearing wall framework If you have decided to undertake the task of removing a load bearing wall, the first factor to consider is how much weight the wall bears. All of its weight needs to be taken into account and this will include roofing beams, rafters etc. A structural engineer will be able to calculate this weight and how many props will be needed, or an online calculator can be used.

If removing a load bearing wall, a post, pillar or lintel will need to be inserted to take the weight from the wall.

temporary support with acrow props holing up ceiling and load bearing beam To support the weight whilst the work is being done, a temporary lintel can be used, held up by support props or a temporary support wall can be built.
two people lifting up a load bearing lintel beam Extend your support props and secure them at the right height by placing the pin through the props collar. Now a section for your lintel can be cut. This area should go beyond the length of the wall about 15.2cm (6″ approx) either side. The lintel can then be inserted and the masonry rebuilt.
removed wall with new supporting lintel beam Once the lintel is secure and has dried in place, the props can be removed and the wall taken down as if it were a supporting wall.

Remember – Make sure you inform your local council of the intended work, as removing a wall may require a building control inspection first!

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