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How to use a support prop?

How to use a support prop

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Adjustable steel support prop extended The inner tube of the prop can slide up and down freely.

Before you begin

3 steel adjustable Support props supporting ceiling Before you select the prop you’re going to use you need to consider the height that the prop needs to extend to and the weight it will need to support.

If you are supporting a material such as drywall, the weight of it will be clear at purchase (the average 48″ (122cm) drywall sheet weighs approximately 26kg (57lbs)).

If supporting a wall or ceiling, the weight you are supporting can be estimated by a structural engineer or there are many online calculators which can estimate the weight from aspects such as the floor supports, ceiling beams, roof rafters etc.

Using a support prop

When you know how high you need the prop to extend, you can secure it.

In lightweight adjustable support props this can be done by twisting the tube, or if using a steel prop, insert the pin into one of the holes on the inner tube.

many acrow props being used to support a ceiling Make sure the prop is tight between the floor and the surface that needs supporting. It is important that you use the correct size prop for the job and do not fill the gaps with loose timber as it is not stable.

The prop needed will depend on the height and weight of what needs supporting and each type of prop has different specifications.

Adjusting the height

Close up adjustable support prop heads Some lightweight adjustable support props are adjusted with a button that allows the prop to be extended. The button is then released to fix the prop in one of the defined hole positions.
Adjustable prop with pistol grip mechanism Other lightweight adjustable support props have a spring based ratchet system which has a pistol grip lever to extend the prop. Squeezing the lever extends the prop.
man using an adjustable lightweight support prop to raise and hold a drywall ceiling panel, being hoisted using the pistol grip This mechanism can be advantageous over props without the lever as they can be adjusted whilst already standing and do not have to be put up after the extension.

Extending an all-steel adjustable prop

Pin inserted into steel adjustable support prop collar Steel props can be adjusted by simply sliding the central tube out to the required height and inserting the steel pin into one of the holes.
Prop collar on steel adjustable support prop The height can be slightly adjusted once the prop is vertical by turning the collar clockwise. This rotates the inner tube.

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