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What is an all-steel adjustable prop?

What is an all-steel adjustable prop?

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steel adjustable support prop / acrow prop All-steel adjustable props (often referred to as acrow or ‘acro’ props) are the most common form of support prop used and are available in five different sizes.

The base and top plate of a steel adjustable prop are quite small.

Steel adjustable props are popular on construction sites, often used as a support when building.

2 steel adjustable support props / acrow props All-steel adjustable props are stronger than adjustable support props as they are made completely from reinforced steel.

Unlike push pull props, however, they can only be used in a vertical position as the feet are fixed.

What applications are they suited to?

lots of Acrow props supporting a floor Steel adjustable props can be used in most forms of construction as they support horizontal loads. They can be used as a:

  • Temporary support
  • Formwork reinforcing support
  • Floor support, transferring loads from one level to another
  • Slab reinforcement

What sizes do they come in?

different sized acrow props at different extension lengths





1.1m (3.5ft)

1.8m (6ft)


1.75m (5.75ft)

3.12m (10.25ft)


2m (6.5ft)

3.4m (11ft)


2.4m (8ft)

4m (13ft)


3.2m (10.5ft)

4.9m (16ft

Acrow prop in use supporting beams in a ceiling

Which size should you choose?

When selecting a prop, two things need to be considered: the height that the prop needs to reach and the weight it needs to support.

10 tons

Prop Size

Safe working load unextended

Safe working load maximum extension


42Kn (4.2 tons) at 1.1m (3.5ft)

22Kn (2.2 tons) at 1.8m (6ft)


34Kn (3.4 tons) at 1.75m (5.7ft)

12Kn (1.2 tons) at 3.2m (10.4ft)


39Kn (3.9 tons) at 2m (6.5ft)

11Kn (1.1 tons) at 3.4m (11.1ft)


35Kn (3.9 tons) at 2.4m (7.8ft)

7Kn (0.7 tons) at 4m (13ft)


20Kn (2 tons) at 3.2m (10.4ft)

7Kn (0.7 tons) at 4.9m (16ft)

What attachments can be used?

Acrow prop fork head attachment holding a wooden block

Fork heads

Most steel adjustable props are suitable for use with the fork head attachment.

Using the fork head means that beams or other thin materials can be lain across it with more security than if just supported by the prop plate.

Acrow prop fork head not attached to acrow prop The fork head is usually made of steel and can be available with a zinc coating.

What are the advantages?

Stacked support props
  • There are many different sizes, so it’s easy to find the height required.
  • They can hold a large weight (up to 4.2 tons).
  • The baseplate has notches which allow a number of props to be stacked horizontally when not in use.

What are the disadvantages?

how to use an acrow prop, picture upright is correct, picture with prop lent against wall is incorrect.
  • It’s only suitable for use with horizontal loads and is at risk of toppling over if there is a sideways force.

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