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What are the parts of a support prop?

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Parts of a support prop; Inner tube with top plate, pin, collar, pistol grip mechanism, outer tube with base plate

Support prop inner tube and top plate

Inner tube and top plate of adjustable lightweight support prop The inner tube is extendable and has a top plate to support weight.

The top plate can be flexible in some props to offer support at various angles.

Support prop outer tube and base plate

Outer tube and base plate of adjustable lightweight support prop The base plate rests on the floor, while the outer tube can be made from solid steel or plastic depending on the type of prop.

Support prop collar

Collar of adjustable lightweight support prop The collar is usually located at the point where the prop can be extended.

It has a slot for the pin to be inserted to secure the prop and sometimes has a lever attached on some lightweight models.

pin inserted into the collar of a steel adjustable support prop


Steel props have a steel pin which is attached to the collar by a thin wire.

The pin can be inserted through the collar and inner tube to secure the prop at different heights.

Support prop pistol grip mechanism

Pistol grip lever of an adjustable lightweight support prop Some models of the lightweight support prop have a pistol grip lever. When squeezed, the lever extends the prop. This can make working alone easier.

Support prop plate

Prop Foot/ plate, made from rubber on an adjustable lightweight support prop A support prop has a top plate and a base plate, which are also known as feet. Both the top and base plate will be the same size.

The plates are square which is advantageous as they can be small and light while also being stable and able to bear a significant weight.