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What is a masonry support?

What is a masonry support?

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Masonry support / Strongboy A masonry support (often referred to as a ‘strongboy’) is an attachment for the steel adjustable prop. It provides extra support to brickwork and other construction supports.
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What applications is it suited to?

Acrow prop with masonry support attached being hammered into brick wall with a mallet A masonry support is used in brickwork construction, such as the repairing or replacing of lintel. It is fitted between the courses on a double-skin brick wall.

How does a masonry support attach to a support prop?

Acrow prop with masonry support and attached and without A masonry support simply sits on the top of a steel adjustable prop. They are made to fit the prop so do not need to be secured in place.

What are the advantages?

strongboy and acrow prop
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It is strong and robust

Similar products

no more props

‘No more props’

A recently-developed product has emerged which is specially designed for lintel repair and replacement. Although it has the same function as a prop and masonry support, the device is called ‘no more props’.

This device is inserted into the wall similarly to a masonry support and then nailed in, holding the wall in place whilst you work. Although it eliminates the need for a number of props, the device is quite expensive and only useful for lintel work.

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