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What is a trench strut?

What is a trench strut?

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Trench struts have a similar structure to steel adjustable props, but are designed for supporting trench walls so are better suited for supporting vertical weights. They are secured with nails to provide a secure fixing in a horizontal stance.

What applications are they suited to?

trench struts used in wall construction The main function of a trench strut is to support the wall of a trench. However, they can also be used in other building or DIY construction as they can be used horizontally, which a regular steel adjustable prop cannot.

For this reason, they are often used as a horizontal support in wall construction. A trench strut has a safe working load of 3 tonnes (472 stone) at any extension.

What sizes do they come in?

four different sized trench strut




310mm (12.2in)

470mm (18.5in)


470mm (18.5in)

680mm (26.7in)


680mm (26.7in)

1090mm (42.9in)


1010mm (39.7in)

1670mm (65.7in)

Close up of a trench strut plate The base and head plate is 75mm x 75mm x 6mm (3in x 3in x 0.2in). It is clawed with two nail holes.

What are the advantages?

trench struts in use to support trench walls
  • They are simple and easy to use
  • The thick steel construction means they are robust tools
  • They have no loose parts which could become broken or damaged

What are the disadvantages?

trench struts used in a long thin trench to support walling
  • They can only be used horizontally and specifically made for trench work, making them less versatile than other props.

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