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What is a push pull prop?

What is a push pull prop?

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push pull prop propped against a wall Push pull props, sometimes known as tilt panel braces, have swivel heads which allow them to support both vertical and horizontal loads.

They are similar to the adjustable lightweight support props but can bear a much larger weight due to the reinforced steel build. Because of this, the push pull prop is often used in large-scale construction.

Pulling formwork down using push pull adjustable prop They are called push pull props because they can be used to push and pull formwork panels together, as well as supporting them.
Pushing formwork up using push pull support prop They do this by being screwed to a formwork panel then being used to push or pull the panel into place. They can then be used to prop the panel in that position.
4 steps of how to secure push pull prop into the ground using fixing screws They also differ from the adjustable lightweight support prop by being able to be screwed into the ground. which offers additional support.

A screw and bolt should be provided with the prop, and are placed through the hole of the prop’s base plate and screwed into the ground. As demonstrated in the left-hand picture, a hammer can be used as a lever to aid turning the screw.

What applications are they suited to?

many push pull props used in construction to hold up a large wall framework Due to their ability to support large weights, push pull props are used in the construction of houses and other large buildings.

Often, a number of push pull props are used to hold building frameworks in place. They can also be used to hold up ceilings if a wall is being removed.

What sizes do they come in?

Various push and pull prop sizes

Prop size




1.14m (3.8ft) 1.829m (6ft)


1.85m (6ft)

3.124m (10.2ft)


2.08m (6.9ft)

3.352m (10.11ft)


2.69m (8.9ft)

3.962m (12.11ft)

No.4 3.30m  (10.9ft)

4.876m (15.11ft)

Push pull props are also available in much larger sizes that can extend to 9m (29.6ft) long. These props are specially designed for large building construction

What attachments can be used?

push pull prop with knee brace Specialist attachments are available for push pull props to offer extra support, particularly in building construction.

Knee braces

A knee brace is an attachment smaller than the push pull prop that pushes against the prop to keep it stable when under a lot of strain.

What are the advantages?

4 push pull props at different extension lengths against a wall
  • The adjustable heads allow these props to hold vertical and horizontal loads
  • They have a strong steel tube and head to hold heavy weights
  • Attachments are available to give extra support in large building construction

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