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How do you use a vernier caliper to take inside measurements?

How to take inside measurements using a vernier caliper?

Inside distances, such as the diameter of a hole, are measured using the upper jaws of the vernier caliper.


Wonkee Donkee Tip: ‘When taking measurements, try not to touch the measuring faces of the caliper. Even the smallest amount of oil on your hands can affect the accuracy of your readings.’  

Guide to Reading Inside Measurements with a Vernier Caliper

Step 1 - Zero Caliper

Detailed diagram of the inside measuring faces on a vernier caliper.

Close the jaws completely so that the caliper reads zero. Insert the upper jaws into the hole you are measuring.

Step 2 - Open Internal Jaws

Using a vernier scale to take inside measurements.

Open the internal jaws using the thumb screw, until the outside of each jaw touches the circumference of the hole.

Step 3 - Turn Lock Screw

Illustration of using a vernier caliper to measure.

Turn the lock screw to tighten the jaws so that you can remove your object and take your reading.

Step 4 - Read Measured Value

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