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How do you use a vernier caliper to measure depth?

How to measure depth using a vernier caliper?

Detailed diagram of the depth measuring face on a vernier caliper.

Depth can be measured by inserting the depth rod into the hole you are measuring. When you adjust the jaws using the thumb screw, the rod will protrude from the end of the caliper.

Guide to Measuring Depth with a Vernier Caliper

Step 1 - Turn thumb screw to extend depth rod

The dial on a vernier caliper.

Move the thumb screw gradually until the end of the end of the beam scale makes contact with the top of the hole.

Step 2 - Position rod in hole

Example of how to use a vernier caliper to measure depth.

Position the rod so that it is flat against both the bottom of the hole and an internal side of the hole.

Step 3 - Turn Lock Screw

Illustration of using a vernier caliper to measure.

Turn the lock screw to tighten the jaws so that you can remove your object and take your reading.

Step 4 - Read Measured Value

Wonkee Donkee Tip

When taking measurements, try not to touch the measuring faces of the caliper. Even the smallest amount of oil on your hands can affect the accuracy of your readings. Want to learn more about calipers? Go to What is a Vernier Caliper?

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